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Moules mariniere in a pot with herbs and garlic

Moules mariniere sounds fancy and tastes great, and it's not as tricky to cook as you'd imagine. We’ve also got another couple of variations for you to try at home.

Cabbage, broccoli, kale and spinach on a work top

Pick up some great recipe suggestions for winter greens, including kale, broccoli and cabbage.

Potatoes with a chimichurri dressing
The potato might be a humble vegetable but it's one of the most dynamic and can be used in a wide range of exciting ways.

Fast fare

    Food for thought

    Pork wrapped in bacon and mozzarella with chunky chips, alongside Simply Roast in the Bag logo

    In a rush during the week? Put your leftovers to good use and cook up these family favourites with our Simply Roast in the Bag chicken and pork.

    Bowl of ramen noodles and vegetables
    Fancy yourself as a trendsetter? Find out which foods are set to be hot property with our guide to 2015.
    Two children cooking for ASDA Community Life
    Welcome to our new Community Life hub, providing a one-stop resource full of great recipes, downloadable PDFs and much more for teachers and parents to help get kids cooking.
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