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Summer flavours

Salmon in tarragon with carrots and brown butter
Salmon is a great summer ingredient and you can try these recipes by celebrity chefs, including The Hairy Bikers and Nick Nairn.

Slices of lemon on a ginger cheesecake base
Make the most of the rest of the summer with these delicious baking ideas for the whole family to enjoy.

Fast fare

    Kitchen inspiration

    Pork wrapped in bacon and mozzarella with chunky chips, alongside Simply Roast in the Bag logo

    From quiche to curry and skewers to fajitas, our Simply Roast in the Bag chicken and pork can be used to create meals from around the world for the whole family to enjoy.

    7 jam jars filled with fruit and creamy desserts
    Jam-jar desserts are easy to make and a great way to serve up a good-looking and delicious sweet course.
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