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Flavours of February

Leeks, rice and peas in a risotto

Leeks are one of February's in-season vegetables and are great for using in lighter dishes as we get closer to spring.

Vegetables and spices arranged in shape of a heart for National Heart Month
February is National Heart Month, so find out how you can make small changes to your diet and food preparation to help protect your heart.
Ginger cream sandwiched between two ginger biscuits
Ginger is our flavour of the month for February, so check out these great ways to make use of this fiery ingredient.

Fast fare

    On the horizon...

    Pork wrapped in bacon and mozzarella with chunky chips, alongside Simply Roast in the Bag logo

    Let a little sunshine in and explore the fresh flavours of spring with these great recipes.

    Muffins topped with icing and sweets and lined up like a caterpillar
    Entertain the kids during half-term with these five great kitchen activities. You can pass on your cooking tips while creating something for the whole family to enjoy.
    Two children cooking for ASDA Community Life
    Welcome to our new Community Life hub, providing a one-stop resource full of great recipes, downloadable PDFs and much more for teachers and parents to help get kids cooking.
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