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Step in to summer

Two glasses of Elderflower gin fizz cocktail

Refreshing summer drinks

Sit back and relax with one of our delicious summer drinks – they’re perfect for a warm evening or serving up at a barbecue.

Mangetout, mozzarella and beetroot salad

The best of British veg

Add a burst of sunshine flavours to your plate and enjoy the best of British vegetables this summer with these no-fuss recipes.

Peach melba semifreddo

The big freeze

Chill out with these frozen desserts and treats. From tangy fruit cubes to a refreshing sorbet, there's something for everyone.

Tuna, olives, boiled egg and leaves

11 super summer salads

A great summer salad is more than just a bowl of leaves. Check out our favourites, which are bursting with flavour, colour and fresh ingredients.

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collection of 5 salsa recipes

5 ways with salsa

Transform the classic Mexican salsa into a delicious snack-time winner with our five great recipes using ingredients from around the world.

BBQ at ASDA Recipes
Father's Day at ASDA

Food the kids will love

Two children eating cheesy bean burgers

Cheesy bean burgers

Show your mini chefs how to make these cheesy bean burgers; they are full of flavour and a really good way for the kids to eat and enjoy their vegetables.

Berry, passion fruit yogurt pots

Kids' cooking with Community Life

Make a delicious summer pudding with the help of ASDA Community Life, where you can download step-by-step recipes for the kids to try at home.

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