Yellow and pink baskets with chocolate bunnies inside
Go beyond the baskets with Easter egg hunts and tin can bowling to keep the kids busy this holiday.

Kids' Easter fun

With all the chocolate eggs and sweet treats on offer this Easter, the kids will have plenty of energy to burn off.

Here are a few ideas to keep them entertained, and no doubt the big kids will want to join in the fun too.

Extra special egg hunt ideas

Amp up the excitement by adding a few unexpected twists …

  • Include a golden egg or ticket that wins the finder a surprise gift.
  • Try a colour-coded hunt, where each person has their own colour of eggs to find.
  • Hand out treasure maps with clues to find eggs buried in bags around the garden.
  • Have a fancy dress hunt – for example, with everyone dressed as bunnies.
  • Include tasks to complete between finding each egg, such as running twice around the garden or doing 20 star jumps.

Action-packed egg and spoon race

Really challenge your racers with your pick of these extra rules …

  • Tie their hands behind their back and get them to run holding the spoon with their mouth.
  • Pair them up for a three-legged egg and spoon race.
  • Make them hop the whole way – backwards! 
  • Set up a mini obstacle course, for example, with small hurdles to jump or a plank to walk across without falling.
  • Run it as a relay, with each runner transferring the egg to their teammate’s spoon without using their hands.

Tin can bowling

Bring the bowling alley outdoors by creating your own garden version. Here’s how …

  • Get 10 empty and clean tin cans and peel off the labels.
  • Decorate the cans with acrylic paint or stick gift wrapping around them.
  • Stick two equal lengths of masking tape or sticky tape to your patio to make your alley.
  • Stack the cans in a pyramid, starting with four cans in the bottom row, at one end of the alley.
  • You’re ready to play! Each person gets three goes at toppling the pyramid by throwing the balls from the other end of the alley.

Decorating eggs

Get arty with eggs (the real kind). Just grab whatever paints and craft stuff you have laying around …

  • First you need to empty the yolk and white out of the shell – just use a thick needle to pierce the top and bottom of the egg, then blow through one hole gently to empty out the contents.
  • Now paint the shell (ideally, with acrylic paint) in whichever colour you fancy and leave to dry.
  • Here’s the fun bit. Draw faces or patterns on the egg with pens or paint.
  • Once that’s dry, add stickers or glue on glitter, sequins, feathers – whatever you can find.
  • Show off your handywork by gluing a ribbon to the top and hanging them up, stack them in a bowl or simply display them in egg cups.

Party time!

Everyone loves a party, so why not throw a Happy Easter bash? You could …

  • Get everyone to dress up in Easter-themed costumes, for example, as bunnies and lambs.
  • Make bonnets or baskets and have a mini parade.
  • Fill a large jar with mini eggs and get guests to guess how many there are. The person whose guess is closest wins the lot.
  • Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, play pin the tail on the Easter Bunny.
  • Give guests egg-shaped biscuits to decorate for them to take home.



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